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Photo of Thomas Bernard

Thomas Bernard

Executive Chef

Born in Avignon, France in 1990, Chef Thomas Bernard grew up surrounded by the varied flavors of Southern France, honing his impeccable sense of taste at a very young age.  After being trained by the iconic twin chefs Jacques and Laurent Pourcel of Le Jardin des Senses in Montpelier, Thomas enrolled at Avignon’s l’Ecole Hoteliere at the age of 16, graduating two years later.  He dazzled guests at A. Ducasse in Monaco at the Louis XV and Jean Andre Charial in Courchevel before coming to Los Angeles in 2015. Joining Shiloh’s as executive chef, Chef Bernard maintained the high quality of the menu while using his French flair, his extensive training and the latest culinary techniques to raise the bar of culinary excellence to unprecedented levels.