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Photo of Ange Benisti

Ange Benisti

Food Designer / Corporate Executive Chef / Owner

Raised in a culture of food, Ange Benisti was born in Israel and was raised in Brussels where he had a full Jewish education. At 13, Ange was already involved in his father’s catering business and by age 18 he had finished first in his class at the École Hoteliere de Bruxelles CERIA. From that time on, Ange’s travels took him to the finest restaurants in Brusells including Bruneau La Villa Lorraine and Comme Chez Soi, each of them rated three Michelin stars, and La Maison du Boeuf at the Brussels Hilton. Always striving for greater heights, Ange’s love of travel exposed him to new aromas, dishes and flavors, many of which he incorporated into his repertoire, learning and adapting novel cooking techniques to further hone his craft to perfection. Never willing to settle for anything less than the best, Ange is well versed in molecular cuisine and has delved deeply into the world of chocolate, developing exquisite creations for Belgium’s most prestigious chocolatiers. His versatility, his zest for innovation and his passion for excellence have propelled Ange to the highest echelons of the catering world and his cuisine has stolen the spotlight at elite kosher events in Marbella, Ibiza, Saint Tropez, Athene, Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin and numerous other European and Mediterranean locals.